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Stop and read

Welcome to my journal. Most of my entries here is "Friends Only", so if you want me to add you to my friend's list, I would appreciate it if you then could PM me or something, telling me who you are and were you know me from. The reason I ask for this is because I don't always have the best memory, so it'll make it more easy for me to see if I know you or not.

But you don't have to ask if you can friend me, just don't take it personal if I then come and ask you who you are (unless you already are on my friends list, then I won't ask), again, I don't always recognize people at first if we got to know each other outside LJ.

Have a nice day.

Sincerely Tribe J. Dragoony, also (and maybe more) known as Straitjacket

New Year's Resolutions 2011

It's a new year already? Time to list up my New Year's Resolutions, and to have a look at the old one too.

NYR 2011:
(In random order)
-Not stop practicing contortionism.
-Get better at telling jokes and stories.
-Have a more healthy diet.
-Improve my arts and crafts skills.
-Work on looking androgynous.
-Improve my cooking skills.

NYR 2010:
(Text in brackets are my own comments from 2011.)

-Improve my drawing skills. (I shall be honest here, this one flew out the window. I have drawed surprisingly little this year, and therefore not improved.)
-Be more social. (I went to Pride 2010 and made a bunch of new friends, became a member in 3 groups/organizations, got even more friends at a halloween party, met an old friend (hadn't seen each other in almost 3 years), so I would say I made this one.)
-Learn a new trick. (I am unsure about this. I can't think of anything of a trick I've learned that year. Out the window.)
-Improve my writing (write faster and better). (This one too went out the window. I'm still struggling with pain in my arms, so writing haven't been something I've practiced on.)
-Work hard at school. (Didn't work out as well as I'd hoped.)
-Get in shape. (Began practicing contortionism in October, but stopped when I prepared for exams in December. I shouldn't have stopped.)
-Get a bass guitar and start playing it. (Nope, haven't had the money to do it.)
-Learn a lot more about how to use my new dSLR camera. (I have actually learned more about how to use it.)
-Finnish and start projects. (I can't even remember the projects I was supposed to finnish, so I think I kind of failed this one.)
-Be more active in the Furry Fandom. (I can't say I have been that much more active.)
-Learn more about computers and electronics. (I have learned!)
-Get better at telling jokes and stories. (Sadly, I haven't gotten much better at it.)

Returning from my hiatus.

I have returned from my hiatus. Things have been happening in my life while I was gone, and here is some of them:

Namechange. I have legally changed my first first name (I have two first names) to Dakota. It takes a little time for it to fully sink in that it is my official and legal name. The biggest part about a name change is to inform about it to every single place that has your old name registered. Your bank, school, library, organizations, doctor, etc.  Makes it a mess in the beginning, but falls into place with a little time.
I have no problem responding to my new name;I have been using it since June this year, and everybody at my school (even the principal) used it from the beginning.

New appartment. So we have finally bought an appartment! Bought! In the 18 years I have lived with my mother, we have been living in 8 different places, none of them owned by us. So moving into a place we actually own is going to be a major change for us all. It feels good to know you're going to really settle down for a while, after moving so much in my life. We will move in January-February. Later I will make a separate post about the moving.

Broken leg. Several weeks ago, my mother slipped on the ice and broke her leg. She was operated twice (they managed to screw up the first time), and was not allowed to move more than absolute necessary the first weeks. That can drive a person crazy (though it didn't to my mom). My stepfather and I have had much to do after that, both with helping her and doing the extra workload in the house, on top of our normal/other stuff. She's a tough woman.

Can't think of more at the moment.


Since my exams are next month, I have decided to cut down on the time spent on my computer to a minimum.

This means that I won't be on LJ (and other social places) for a while.

But I'll make a post when I return.

Autumn is here already?

When school started a month ago, it was only late summer here. Now all of a sudden, it is autumn here; the leafs is changing color, the temperature have droppet, the days are getting shorter, and today it has rained cats and dogs the whole time.

I have been too busy with school and study to really notice this.

When winter is coming here, I will probably be too busy preparing myself for my two exams in early December to even notice it. Unless I walk straight into a snowdrift, then it is a bit hard to not notice. XD

It`s a new year!

A new year, a fresh start. And this years first post! Who knows what this year`ll bring? For me, I hope 2010 is gonna be better that 2008 and 2009 (both years I`m glad I survived). I`m going to make more out of this year than last year.

Here`s my New Years Resolutions in random order:

-Improve my drawing skills.
-Be more social.
-Learn a new trick.
-Improve my writing (write faster and better).
-Work hard at school.
-Get in shape.
-Get a bass guitar and start playing it.
-Learn a lot more about how to use my new dSLR camera.
-Finnish and start projects.
-Be more active in the Furry Fandom.
-Learn more about computers and electronics.
-Get better at telling jokes and stories.

I can`t come up with more. But when the end of this year is very,very close, I`ll dig up this post and see how many I managed.

Sincerely Tribe "Straitjacket" J. Dragoony


I`ll be gone for christmas.

This time of year is usually buzy for most people. I`m no deception. So most likely I will not post here (unless I find the time and need for it) before january.

So see ya later!
Sincerely Tribe "Straitjacket" J. Dragoony

Merry x-mas and a happy new year!